SkyDroid - Golf GPS App Reviews

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I like it simple and it didn’t cost $200

I have been searching for a simple app and this one is perfect I don’t need the scorecard because it’s one of the reasons the battery goes fast. The gps and the hazard yardage is all I need with the right settings the battery doesn’t go less than 75%.

iPhone X

I got a new iPhone X for Christmas went golfing today. This app didnt work very good at all it would never Display anywhere near an accurate distance. I guess it might need to be upgraded to function correctly with iPhone Xs.

No scoring

No scoring makes this a no go. Shame it could have been great

Great App worth the money!

This app is great and has found every course I have played at and downloads them almost instantly. Only wish it had a scorecard attached to track scores.

No score keeping!

The android version can keep score. Why cant the iPhone version do that?

Major Problems w An Old Favorite

UPDATE: After writing my original review below, I decided to delete & reinstall the app on my phone; that made things worse! Several courses that I have played using SkyDroid are no longer available for download. I tried both on my iPhone and on my desktop computer at the SkyDroid web site; those courses have disappeared from SkyDroid. So, I decided to follow the suggestion to map a course using SkyDroid’s mapping tool; that failed to work on both my desktop computer and iPhone. I am waiting to hear back from the developer(s), but at this time, I’m very discouraged and disappointed. An app that used to be one of my favorites is now almost useless to me. I hope that all of my issues will be resolved, but unless that happens, I cannot recommend SkyDroid to anyone, nor can I give it more than one star. I have been using SkyDroid for several years, and until recently, had been thrilled with it. However, during the past couple of months, it has been giving very incorrect distances to the green for anywhere from one to four holes during an 18-hole round. This has occurred on at least three different courses. For example, my ball might be sitting near the 150 yard marker, yet SkyDroid will indicate 240 yards to the middle, 260 yards to center, and 280 to the back. I have completely quit the app, then relaunched it - no change. I have enabled SkyDroid to use my phone’s Location Service at all times - no improvement. Occasionally, if I wait a minute or two, and gently shake my phone, the yardage numbers will improve - but not always to the correct distance. I am very disappointed, because SkyDroid had been one of my favorite and most used apps. I love the simplicity of a basic yardage provider; I do not want or need the ability to keep my score or track the distance of shots with each club. To the creators of SkyDroid: please fix this issue; I love the concept of your app, and really hope to regain confidence in it.

Good App - no scorekeeping

I used to have this app on my android phone until it died and I switched to an iPhone. It is a great app but I miss the score tracking. If this app allows score keeping on iPhones, I will change my rating to 5 stars. Do you see those coming to iPhones anytime soon?

Well-spent $2

Been using SkyDroid all summer. My course plus 6 others. Very accurate...always comparable to buddies’ $300 range-finders. So I figure I’ve saved my self at least $298. Go for it.

Limited GPS Accuracy

App layout is fine (I prefer even simpler layout), but I have now downloaded 5 golf gps apps on my iPhone 6+ and they are all equally inaccurate. They are all inaccurate enough to not use while playing. They may be ok for getting course layout, but my position on the map is somewhere within 30 yards of where Im actually standing... useless...

Great App - need Watch support!!!

I have used this app for 2 years and it works great for me. However, I just got an Apple Watch and found that it doesnt support the watch. Guys, you need to fix that or I will move on. Once you lose me I am gone for good...

Great app! Make a iwatch version!!!

Ive had this app for a few years now. It is easy to use and pretty accurate.

Worse paid for golf app

This app used to be good on my android phone however downloading on to my iPhone 7plus the yardage is way off sometimes by 100 yards it cant compute. I am told by my android friend phone users that it happens on theres as well. This has been going on since golf season started as I hoped it would have been fixed by now. Dont waste your time plenty of other apps out there.

I recommend it to everyone

The best money Ive spent for golf. The app works extremely well, even better than someone Im playing with using a rangefinder. I dont know where the bad reviews come from but I guess it depends on the person. It works fantastically in the NJ/PA area. But Ive taken in all over and never a problem. Also works on private courses. My only recommendation is to hibernate your phone in between shots. If you leave it on and the app the whole time it kills your battery. But if you hibernate it there is no problem. Because of this app, your will never have to buy a gps watch, range finder or gold gps. It app is a financial no brainer because the fact that you can see a satellite view of what is a head of you on any hole and how far out the hazard is allows for smarter play. Cant do that with a range finder or a golf watch. Maybe worth a range finder but theyre like $250.

Slick and simple

Love the app, just the simple basics and easy to see and read. Love it.

about 10-15yd short

It is showing about 10 to 15 yd short. I cant use this app any more.

Update to review

Just paid for and downloaded the app. Searching for courses is no problem. Trying to download the course onto my iPhone result in failure every time. The app is useless until there is a fix for it to work on the iPhone 7 with iOS 10. There should have been a disclaimer. Update: 07/11/17- I got the courses near me to download today. Maybe there was temporary glitch with their servers. I have not played a round of golf with the app yet, but Im looking forward to it and I will update my review after using it. I really want to like this app. Changing original one star to 3 stars for now. Within the next day or two Im hoping to put it up to five stars.


It wont download any courses. Do not waste your money on this app its a piece of junk. I wish I could give 0 stars. Absolutely horrible.

Courses wont load

Just paid for and downloaded the app. Searching for courses is no problem. Trying to download the course onto my iPhone result in failure every time. The app is useless until there is a fix for it to work on the iPhone 7 with iOS 10. There should have been a disclaimer.


The app does not work. After 4 messages to the maker, with no response, I have given up on this app, and will seek a refund.

Courses wont even download

POS app, even with wifi on the courses wont even download!!! Real nice!

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